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Messaure to improve.

Qbic Lite

Professional monitoring at low cost.

Qbic T

The most versatile motorization.

Quota free

Wireless communications

Communicate with your dataloggers anywhere in the world and forget to pay monthly fees

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Free apps

Every Qbic Datalogger includes free mobile applications and access to the greatest agriculture cloud. Pluviometry, historical weather data, real-time agricultural parameters and much more!!

Agro Cloud

Achieve farming precision quickly and simply.
All dataloggers for farmers that Qampo provides are accesible from a same site.

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Qampo App

Telematic control of the irrigation and monitoring of your crops in the palm of your hand.
Download the qampo app for free to visualize and control the state of your crops and your irrigation system at any time and from any place.


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Qbic Config

It is especially design for installers and advanced users, Qampo gives you all the versatility you need. All the devices of qampo family come with a standard configuration that enables you to remote access data from qampo cloud in a very simple way.

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