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Ground monitoring allows us to know what is going on in the root of the plant. This way, we will be able to see ahead and make the right decisions.
Qampo Suelo+ allows us to know all the ground parameters and environmental
parameters that directly affect the ground.


Qampo Soil + allows us to know how the watering is affecting the ground and how the plant is absorbing it.

With all the information we get from the ground humidity probes, we can know the exact amount of water to use, length and frequency with no waste. Keeping in mind rainfall water, environmental temperature and humidity, ground humidity, the amount of water applied and electrical conductivity of the ground, we can know in an exact way, how to manage the risks of every season and adapt better to the rain and drought periods.

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The Qampo Soil + station gives all the characteristics of the Suelo station but adding the monitorization of the leading environmental factors that can affect the ground: rainfall, solar radiation, and temperature and air humidity.

Qampo Suelo+ monitors ground humidity and temperature to different depths, thus allowing us to see how the water gets into the ground and how the root of the plant absorbs it. By monitoring the watering, we register automatically when and how much we are watering. We can see the relation between ground humidity at different depths and the watering.
By adding the rainfall data, we can easily look at the effects it has in the ground humidity, accessing the past data and being able to compare with previous years.
By measuring the solar radiation, environmental temperature and humidity and the location of the station, we can easily see on the web the evapotranspiration values. With this information, we know the amount of water lost by evapotranspiration.

Main advantages of ground monitorization.


Avoiding leaching
It helps avoid leaching during the watering in order to not collect the excess of salt content, harmful to the plant.Know more


Water in the root
You can trace the absorption of water in the root of the plant.


Avoiding percolation

It detects and avoids percolation, thus saving water.


Avoiding hydrological stress

It controls the level of hydrological stress that the plant has or has had in the past.


Adjusting the risks

Adjusts the upper and lower watering thresholds according to the real absorption of water by the plant.


Monitoring consumption
Monitor the water consumption and compare it with the information from other seasons.


Rain monitoring
Monitor how the rain is affecting the ground of your crops and compare it to past years.


Efficient watering

Apply watering techniques according to the gathered data.

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When, how much and how do you water?

In order to be able to establish a relation between ground humidity and watering habits, you have to know in detail these parameters.
Qampo Suelo has different diameter meters that are able to know exactly the amount of water used, the length, frequency and can keep track of all this information and register it automatically. Forget about having to write down all this information, you will be able to access the data at any time.

Humidity, temperature and electrical conductivity of the ground in real time

It measures all of these parameters to different depths with only one sensor. The tube’s probe with FDR technology allows us to measure how the root of your crop is absorbing the water thus managing watering accordingly in order to obtain better quality and improve production, increasing sustainability.

The installation (or removal in case of a changing its location) is very simple and can be done by only one person in just minutes.

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Optimize the water and energy you consume with a professional monitoring system

Frequent monitorization of the agronomic parameters of the ground allows adapting the watering dynamics to the particular needs of the crop in a very efficient way, making significant improvements in the quality of the harvest, an increase of the production and optimizing the water consumption and therefore an improvement in the economic performance and agricultural exploitation.



Qbic 4C with built-in communications and solar panel included. The device registers automatically all the data coming from the sensors and sends it wirelessly so they can be seen in real time or in a saved to a history chart. You can access this information via web or from a mobile device anytime and from anywhere.

Electrical conductivity of the irrigation water

The plant absorbs the nutrients that can be found dissolved in the water. Knowing what you are adding to the irrigation water is important, just as knowing what the water already had in it. Electrical conductivity gives information about salts dissolved in the water.

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Humectación + Radiación + Dendómetro

Complement your station with more sensors

– Leaf moisturization: measure the humidity of the vegetation covers allows us to anticipate any diseases of the plants, programming notifications to apply phytosanitary treatments or, depending on the sensor, even detecting the presence of ice.
– Dendrometer: It is useful for measuring the size of the trunk. Did you know that in addition to allowing studying the shape and size of the plant, we can also relate the width of the stem to the hydrological stress of the plant, thus detecting the state the plant is in at any time?
– Solar radiation: the amount of solar light the plant gets is key to its development. In addition, this information allows us to know in a more precise way the evapotranspiration in the crops, which lets us know the amount of water we lose in it and adjust even more the irrigation we make.

Assembly kit

The assembly kit allows installing the weather monitoring station under any circumstance. Whether it is nailed to the ground or supported by a tripod or a special rigid ground stick, (rooftops, construction site, etc).
The kit is perfectly portable and easy enough to be assembled by one person.

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Get repeatability in your harvests
from one year to the other

Farming a product is similar to preparing a good cooking recipe. According to the amount and way you mix the ingredients, the result can be very different. It happens the same way in agriculture. The irrigation water given to a plant is one of many parameters we can control, but the rain, wind, humidity and temperature of the environment is uncontrollable and ever-changing. If we can measure these parameters and register their values automatically, we are able to adjust the amount and way in which we give irrigation water, so that from one year to the other we can harvest with the same characteristics.