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Agriculture tools


Monitor the roots and work in advance.

estación suelo qampo


A complete monitorization.


Professional agroclimatic station.

estacion clima qampo
Qampo brings together all of its high technology to serve the agriculture tools what allow us to monitor and control crops remotely, to identify the needs and improve decision making. These are reliable and robust devices capable of enduring the harshest weather conditions.
Thanks to these stations we have control over a lot of tools such as flow meters, temperature and humidity sensors and knowing what the rainfall will be, thus getting to optimize production, adapting the watering and fertilization dynamics to the particular needs of our crop, improving the quality while having an environmental and energy saving by reducing production waste.
All different Qampo stations gather, store and send the values measured by the sensors without the need of external power, only with the energy generated by a small solar panel build in the device.
All of the different stations like Suelo, Suelo+ and Clima are complementary to each other and you can have one or several per crop or farm, taking those values that are more useful for each place or crop.
All the stations include an assembly kit that allows installing the weather monitoring station under any circumstance. Whether it is nailed to the ground or supported by a tripod or a special rigid ground stick, (rooftops, construction site, etc) making it a perfectly portable agriculture tool and easy enough to assemble by one person.