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What is Qampo?

Qampo is a system that enables monitoring and analysing agronomic and environmental parameters with the aim of optimising production, quality and environmental sustainability.

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Qampo tecnology

Qbics are innovative devices that connect to a wide range of sensors which take data from water, soil, plats and weather to send it wirelessly to qampo cloud, a platform that analyses the information to access data in real-time from anywhere through either the web or your mobile device.

Qampo provides tools to help agricultural professionals optimize crop quality and productivity as well as water consumption.


Qbic is the element that receives data from the sensors and sends it wirelessly to the Qampo Cloud platform.

Qbic are reliable and rugged devices able to withstanding the most adverse weather conditions, but also are energetically autonomous with batteries that are recharged by solar energy.

There are different types of stations depending on the sensors that the qbics have connected, then we can monitor the weather, soil parameters, water quality, irrigation control, or any combination of those functionalities using the options given by service of customization.

Qampo Cloud

It allows to consult all types of agronomic parameters in real-time, historical data and graphs access, consult current or past weather data, remote control your devices easily…

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Qampo cloud